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Is pub life for everyone?

Short answer – No, pub life can be difficult and strange and some people just don't fit in to the pace or the scene. Young girls (and I'm not being sexist here) tend to call it quits more often than the boys. The boys are more likely to get fired for screwing up or screwing around.

If you do feel like you have nothing in common with your work mates, then maybe you should leave and try a different pub. I worked at no less than 5 pubs in 2 years and it was only the last place that I felt like I truly had found my group of people – and believe me, as hard as the job could be, and as poorly as it paid, I would still be working there now if I could.

A live-in pub job can be hard work. Long hours, bad pay, difficult management, poor food, no transport - all lead to raised blood pressure and short tempers.

That being said though, live-in work has been one of the most rewarding experiences of my life. Of course if you're a tradesperson or are looking for admin work in the UK then go for it. You can expect to earn at least twice as much (and probably more) than in a live-in position. But then you'll have a lot of other things to figure out like: Affordable accommodation near your work, rent and bonds, utilities, security, food and what about friends?

Pub Life

"Let us drink for the replenishment of our strength, not for our sorrow"




Look if you're a qualified sparky or brickie, you can earn ₤30 ($55) an hour selling your services. That is pretty decent for the UK and with all the extra cash coming in I'm sure you'll have a ball.

But if you're on your gap year or just looking to get out and see the world, I can't recommend live-in pub life high enough. You can expect, accommodation, food, work and friends on arrival. Besides, who wants to fly to a foreign country and work in an office or do the same thing as back home?

The most important aspect is that you have somewhere to stay. I've slept on floors in airports, dodgy hostels and even the occasional park bench at times, and it's not much fun (although it is cheap!) You'll have a roof over your head, even if you use your spare time whilst employed at the pub to look for a new place to live and a new job – I know plenty of people who have gone that way too.

One more thing

The kind of people who work hard and fit in to pub life the best usually know how to party hard as well. If you're not used to partying till dawn in nightclubs, or all night drinking sessions when the beer lines get cleaned, or missions to Tescos at 4am for snacks, or random day trips to Blackpool, London, Alton Towers, Bournemouth or wherever! Then you may want to rethink your working holiday.

more information on pub life available here

So, you reckon you can handle the highs and lows of pub life?

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