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Free live-in pub jobs? how

Don't pay someone to organise your pub jobs!

There are organisations operating across the UK who specialise in matching employees just like you with live-in pub work. The best thing about them is that they charge you absolutely nothing for the service.

Ask yourself: Would I prefer to pay for good service? or get a great service for free?

All you need to qualify is to be in the UK, have a valid Youth Mobility Visa (UK Working Holiday or Ancestry Visa) (unless you hold a British or EU passport) and be ready to work hard. It's as simple as that! - Getting that visa is the tricky bit, 

Information on the UK Youth Mobility Visa

Now aside from the obvious saving of $500 or more for the 'program' costs of the Fee Charging agencies, there are many other reasons to choose a free matching service to find you pub jobs.

  • No pressure – you call them when you are good and ready. Take your time to check out London first, or take a trip around the UK or Europe before you start your life as a pubslaveworker.
  • They only make money once you stay – they don't get paid until you have been employed for 2 months or more, so their commission directly relates to your satisfaction in the job.
  • Choice of location – Quite often you will get the choice of pubs in completely different areas of the UK. This allows you to stay in control, why should someone else tell you where to work!
  • It's fast – Once you make contact with the job matching sites you can be on-site within 48hours!
  • It's so easy – a couple of phone calls really is all it will take to find the type of pub you are looking for!
  • Repeat business – use these contacts again and again, it will be free every time! Very handy when you find yourself jobless, broke and with nowhere to live!

You may notice a bit of a difference between the two services. Fee services want you to sign up with them immediately and tend to glamourise the entire live-in experience.  Free services would prefer you took your time to make sure you're making the right decision and that you will fit in and enjoy live-in work – because as I said they only get paid when the employer is satisfied with the employee, they don't want to be wasting their time sending the wrong people to the job.

Convinced? Click here for my recommended free pub job agencies

Now you may be wondering why these fee charging sites charge you the employee so much, when there are other organisations offering to set you up in pub jobs for free?

Well let me enlighten you…

Fee charging sites don't charge the pub to match you up, so they have to get their finders fee from another source – that source would be you.

Here's the big difference though, whilst free job matching services don't get paid from the pub until you have been employed for 2 months or more, fee charging sites get the money out of you up front! What guarantee do you have that you'll like the job? What if management decides you're not what they are looking for? After all what has the service cost them?…nothing. Where do you go then? What support will you have? And what chances do you have of seeing your Phat wad of cash ever again?


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"Work as though you would live forever, and live as though you would die today."

Og Mandino



I don't want to scare you into my way of thinking here. My aim is to help you make the best decisions you can so that you can have a wonderful experience in the UK. I know I can't stop you getting ripped off all the time but you haven't even left your own country yet! So many of my friends I met overseas paid for their live-in pub jobs – all of them will now tell you that they could have found one for free.

One of the biggest selling points of fee charging services is that they guarantee you will be in your job within 48hours of arriving in London, – job and accommodation on arrival - Now you may disagree with me here, but when I landed in London the last thing I wanted to do, was think about work!

Sure a job is pretty important but I had just rocked up in the most amazing city I had ever been in – I wanted to check the place out! I had my job within three days, and to be honest I probably could have waited another week before making the phone call. You'll need two days just to readjust your body clock and lose the jet lag before you can start exploring and discovering London.

As I said earlier, if you really want to spend $500+ for someone to find you a pub job, that's fine – but you wont use them twice, no-one ever does.

It has been my experience that free pub job matching services work quickly and save you real money – end of story!

Convinced now? Click here for my recommended free pub job agencies

Some of these agencies advertise online and in travel publications. Others I learned of through word of mouth. The two that I recommend on this site are agencies I have used myself. Here's a break down of how they work. Including my 'important questions' template:

  • You call them and let them know you are looking for live-in pub jobs. They should have multiple pubs on file that are looking for front-of-house staff to start immediately - you are given the pubs' details.
  • You call the pubs directly and enquire about the position.
  • You pick the pub that sounds like the best deal or is in the best location for you.
  • You call them back and arrange a start date.
  • You make your way to the pub and start your live-in experience.
  • You've got a week or so to decide if that is the pub you want to stay at.
  • Also it's polite to let the matching service know which pub job you chose so they can arrange to be paid.

It's about as simple as that, but there are some very important things to ask about…

For you gap year boys and girls this may be your first full time job. Mummy and Daddy aren't here to protect you from getting a raw deal so it's up to you.

There are some important questions you should ask before agreeing to travel anywhere. These are:

Of course you don't have to ask all or any of these questions, but I've made that mistake before and it's not something I wish to repeat. Find out what happened to me when I didn't ask the right pub job questions

You may have a preference to where in the UK you want to work or be close to. If you like your clubs and such, the last place you want to find yourself in is in a country pub miles from the nearest decent sized town. If you expect to be doing a lot of travelling, you may want to situate yourself not too far from an airport, or maybe you want to be close to London or a certain part of the country for a particular reason.

-example- On the last weekend in July, Long Marston (a small ex-military airfield just outside of Stratford-upon-Avon in Warwickshire) hosts the largest dance rave in the UK called 'Global Gathering' featuring the hottest international and home grown DJs around. Definitely a must-see for any music lover. I specifically chose a live-in pub job in Warwick (about 12miles away) so I could attend this event in 2006.

Remember from the moment you arrive at the pub, you've got a bed, a roof and food sorted. All you have to do then is start learning. Working may be a foreign concept to some of you, but you'll survive – more so than that – you'll thrive and you'll love it!!


All you need now are a couple of contacts to get you started. For my recommended free Live-in Pub job Matching services click the 'next' button.