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1 of the basic 3

I Think it is safe to say that without your - passport, visa and money - you aren't getting very far at all. In fact some airlines wont even let you out of your own country let alone into the United Kingdom unless you have the Basic 3.

Some of you may already have a passport – this is great news as it saves quite a bit of time, money and hassle. Always check the validity, you will not qualify for any visa if you have less than 24 months remaining.

If your passport has expired, getting a new one is a relatively simple process.

If you've never had one, start thinking about it straight away. Paperwork can take up to 12 weeks to process – although most take on average 8 weeks, plus there might also be the option to fast track your application – individual countries vary.

For more information and how to apply choose the corresponding official government website from the drop down box below:

Oh and your passport is important, so try not to lose it or get it wet. At Oktoberfest 2005 I returned to my tent to find my passport floating in 3inches of water (along with the rest of my gear) and the Australian coat of arms washed off... which annoys me every time I look at it.



“If you look like your passport photo you're too ill to travel.”

Joe Pasquale



If you're going to the UK to start a working holiday then you'll need the other 2 of the basic 3, these are:

Youth Mobility Visa (Working Holiday Visa)

Once you've got them sorted all you really need is a plane ticket to start your adventure in the United Kingdom. However you probably have a stack of questions so choose a topic above to find out the answers.


-note- The information on this site is the interpretation of my own research. Always check official websites for yourself!