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uk Working holiday for south africans

UK Working Holiday Authorisation
*** Important changes***
Introduction of Youth Mobility Visa

If you're a South African or US citizen looking to start a working holiday in the UK, I've got some bad news for you.

Info for UK working holiday for US citizens

The new Youth Mobility Visa as of 24th November has now replaced the working holiday visa.

Important note for South Africans: The British government will only let young people from countries with similar working holiday agreements to come to the UK on the Youth Mobility Scheme. Unfortunately, South Africa does not have a working holiday scheme for young British people in place, so it is unlikely South Africans will be eligible for the Youth Mobility Visa unless a scheme is introduced.

I take this to mean that unless the British Home Office devises a special visa, as of the end of November South Africans are no longer eligible for a working holiday in the UK. However it may create the possibility for other non-commonwealth countries to join the program.

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So all you wonderful Saffas, unless your government comes up with a reciprocal youth work exchange program you may not ever get the chance to work and holiday in the United Kingdom and miss out on one of the most incredible experiences of your lives.

A facebook group has been created in an effort to push the government of SA to create a reicprocal program. Click to join the group - Working Holiday for South Africans

Page updated 27-Dec-09.